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16 Channel Halloween Sequences

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Hello Everyone,   I'm finally back on the boards with Halloween coming up in a few months and have already complete my first new show for 2015.  I am utilizing my dropbox again to distribute what I ha

I would love the link as well




thank you

This is my first year, and I am working with mostly the monster faces (16 channels). 

Willing to share if anyone is interested.


Set list:

This is Halloween

Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm version)

Re: Brains

Dance Back from the Grave

Uma Thurman

Radioactive (Pentatonix version)

Land of Confusion (Disturbed version)

Monster Mash

Bad Blood (Currently working on)


I have two other songs, but they are my fathers sequences. 

Witch Queen

Deadmans Party

I would love your link as well...



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Hello- I would LOVE to see what you have for 16Ch. Here are links to my 13 & 14 Sequences. Feel free to use and abuse as I feel that no one should EVER have to pay for sequences. This is a hobby and a community of like minded individuals whom happen to be afflicted with the disease of Holiday decorating. As such we should all support each other in any way possible.

Happy Decorating

Brian aka GiGa

Here are my 2013 and 2014.

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I am adding Halloween this year with my 16 channel LOR.

If you would be willing to share, I would love:

The Addams Family - Thriller - Ghostbusters and

If you have any specific scary sound effects w/ thunder & lightening

I'm planning on having a 12 - 15 minute loop...

I appreciate your help...


I may be getting back with you for Christmas.

I was attacked by a virus which caused me to replace the hard drive losing everything I had.


Thanks again.


Wes McKusick


Buda, TX

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I am new to the animated lighting world and although I have had fun building up the equipment I find I am sorely lacking on time for sequencing.  Would you mind sharing your dropbox link?

Thank you,


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Hello everyone

    I'm a newbie this year and can't wait to display. I've got two lor16 channel controllers. One I built from scratch but surprisingly it works. I'm looking for any Halloween or Christmas sequences that might get me started. Also how does one go about buying or making a 12 or 16 ccr tree?  Thanks Andrew


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