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Questions and Ideas to increase number of CCB's run via ELL's


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I have 400 CCB's (4 sets of CCB's).  I was planning on using 1 ELL on my computer network transmitting to two ELL's (each running a segment with 200 CCB's each).  Problem is, I'm concerned that the ELL's won't have enough bandwidth to handle the traffic.  I have been very successful in running 200CCB's up to now via an ELL pair.


A few questions:

1) Opinions (better yet experience) with running a setup with 400 or more CCB's via ELL's?  I can't believe there are not people running many more CCB's or CCR's wirelessly. What is the max (worst case) number of CCB's that can be run on an ELL?

2) I was wondering if anyone had tried putting two (or more) ELL's (each set to different frequencies) on the computer network, transmitting to two ELL's on separate segments (each tuned to separate frequencies). I'm thinking this would be a way to increase the number of CCB's you could access wirelessly.

3) I notice the ELL's come set to 57K.  Is there a reason they are not set to the max speed?  Is it for backward compatibility, or is there perhaps an issue running that fast?  Why wouldn't you run at max speed?


I would guess there are people out there the dwarf having 400 CCB's run wirelessly.  I'd love to hear how they do this!




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