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Newspaper Again!


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This has been a good year with the media locally.

The newspapers have each written two stories (latest below) and two of the TV stations have ran stories (one twice). I think that the real winner will be in the contributions given this year as traffic is well ahead of last year.

The story below has some errors but hey they never get it all right. Guess it is hard to write when your chin is dragging on the ground.B)

Just to set the record straight. The water is from the water tank next to the train. I told her I had about five miles of cords. I repaired the nativity and made a couple of items. But it is one of the largest on the SW coast. But all in all she did get most of it correct.


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Very nice write-up Robin (even if your windmill does pour water;)B)).

Sounds like another A++++ for creativity go out to you on your display this year!


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Both are nice articles... However I like it when we can sneak Light-O-Rama into the article:D

Nice job guys.... and thanks for mentioning us!

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