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Copy Paste into Group after import from S.E.


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I've created 4 separate Props (arches) so I can apply effects individually to them and I also put them into a Group so I can apply effects to them altogether.  What I've done before is sequence the arches in SuperStar then export them to the Sequence Editor in legacy format.  I then migrate those effects from S.E. to Pixel editor and apply Pixel editor effects in places where I want.  Being careful not to overlap what I've done in S.S. as then it won't work.  Once it's complete in Pixel Editor I then save the Intensity file to the S.E. and it's done. 


My issue is that when I migrate the 4 arches (props) into the P.E. and then apply the effects to the Group row (being careful not to overlap the S.S. effects on the individual arches).  The Group row will no longer play in the preview even though it shows that it's been modified.  I can modify the Group row all day long but it will never play in the preview or be saved in the intensity file. 

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Effects on props within a group override effects placed at the group level. This is so effects at the group level act as a kind of background effect, while you can do different effects on props within the group, perhaps as a highlight.


Since data imported from SE comes into PE as a single movie effect that spans the entire timeline, anything you do at the group level will get overridden by the prop-level movie effect. The solution is to delete the movie effect in the cells where you place a group level effect. This is ok - the cells where the movie effect remains will still play normally.


Great question!



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Worked like a champ!  One more option to sequence the pixels......wohooooo!  It's very nice to be able to incorporate all the effects from SuperStar, Sequence Editor and Pixel Editor into one sequence so long as the effects don't overlap each other.


Thank you Matt for the help and to LOR for an outstanding product and support!

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