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Change total time inconsistancy

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Report Number:JD01

Module: SequenceEditor

Software Version: 4.0.38 Pro

OS Version: Windows 7 Ultimate

Description: When modifing a sequence file with multiple tracks (i have 10 total tracks) and try to shorten the total time from 10 minutes to 4 minutes, the editor does not reduce the other tracks at the same time. It can however be done manually to each track.

Repeatability: At first I tried to save and the program locked up. After I completed shortening all tracks it would save normally.

Thank you for your time.

Jeffrey Davis


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Is this for an animation sequence or a musical sequence?


If it's a musical sequence, it should automatically keep the track lengths in sync.  If it's an animation sequence, though, they're intentionally allowed to have different tracks of different lengths, so changing the length of one is not supposed to automatically change the length of the others.

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Sorry about the delay in responding. It is an animation file. it was actually a test file I was making to test the lights before show time for christmas.


Thank you for answering.

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