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Ever wonder what your networks can look like?


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Here's one network that involves most of the current control devices including Guest song voting control from their iPads/smartphones.  Thanks BobO !      I drew this to help a friend out the other day and thought I'd share it to help others.    The diagram shows how a combination wired and wireless network can overcome most any display obstacle.  This design uses the show computer as a bridge allowing the show computer to sit on the home network, but also keeps the display traffic off the home network - which any family will highly appreciate.    Some more fortunate folks use two computers - an older one as a show computer and a more powerful one to do their sequencing.  This network design allows those folks to remote control their show computer from their programming computer.


Use small switches in waterproof enclosures for the E1.31 network in a trunking fashion branching out as needed just prior to the display props in order to minimize the number of CAT-5 Cables.  just remember that for good reliable network planning, it isn't recommended to put more than 3 switches in a single line between the display and the computer, but you can probably push it to 4 if you really had to.  YRMV  (5-4-3 rule).  


It looks complicated, but it's really not that difficult to put together.  However, I wouldn't recommend the DD-WRT wireless client bridge for anyone without significant network knowledge, but it does give you ELL like capabilities on your E1.31 network.



Dont forget or neglect your firewalls !    I hope this is helpful to you.



        What does your network look like? 




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