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My first year with Light-O-Rama has been a blast!


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I have to say that This year's Christmas Display was a big sucess! I only got 16 channels because I was not sure what my neighbors were going to think of the light/music show. Not to mention the traffic. We live on a street in which everyone decorates and the entire county will drive by at least once. So backing up traffic was a concern.

Turned out to not be a problem. The neighbors love the display, the people bundled up warm in their cars just drive right on by without really knowing what they miss. Those that walk the street are treated to a wonderful show. I've gotten nothing but compliments.

Set-up was easier than expected (albeit more expensive) but the sequencing was harder than I expected. I've learned a lot from my experience. I'll be studying all of you for inspiration as I hope to have 80 channels next year.

Here's the fruit of my efforts:

Manheim Steamroller's Jingle Bells. I worked like crazy on this one. I figure that from July to October I was working on this one. It turned out great!


Main Street Electrical Light Parade. Awesome. It brings out the Disney Characters and is very lively. Best part: It was really easy to sequence!

Carol of the Bells. Nice and Christmasy. While I listened to it, I knew exactly what to do to sequence this one.

Disney's Sleigh Ride. I wanted at least one of the Disney songs with the characters singing. This one is fun to listen to. Turned out it was somewhat difficult to sequence. I've not been too happy with it. But it does highlight the disney characters in the yard.

Wizards in Winter. Trans-Siberian Orchestra's hit that ignited a firestorm on the internet last year. I had to include it. I can't take credit for the sequencing though, I got the file for free online. It's been a crowd pleaser though.

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Good job! It seems you're off to a great start! I like the neatness of your display...well laid out. It makes the sequencing look really good!


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Thanks Sally. I'm not usually so precise about things, but I really do like the Christmas lights to look orderly. I think it adds a lot.

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