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xLights/Falcon/FPP classes at the Expo 2015


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This post will describe classes that will be given at the Expo by the Xlights/Falcon/FPP folks.

I believe there are four rooms that classes are being taught in at the Expo. We have been given a 5th room just for our team.

In the "official rooms" our team are giving these classes


Thurs Jul 16, 4-5pm: Sean Meighan, Intro to xLights (T16)

Fri Jul 17,3:15-4:15pm: Chris Pinkham, Falcon Player ‐  Beginning (F43)

Sat Jul 18, 8:30 ‐ 9:30am: Sean Meighan, Xlights 4.0 ‐  Advanced (S46)

Sat Jul 18, 9:45 ‐ 10:45am: Chris Pinkham,Falcon Player  ‐  Advanced (S51)

Sat Jul 18, 11am ‐ 12pm: Gil Jones, xLights New Effects (S56)


In our xLights/Falcon room we will be giving the same classes a second time.


Thu Jul 16, 10:45-11:45am: Sean Meighan, Intro to xLights (repeat of T16)

Thu Jul 16, 2:45-3:45pm: Chris Pinkham, Falcon Player Beginning (repeat of F43)

Sat Jul 18, 8:30-9:30am: Sean Meighan, Xlights 4.0 Advanced (repeat of S46)


And we plan on giving mini sessions on the folllowing:

Thu Jul 16, 12:45pm: Chris Pinkham, FPP MultiSync (15m)

Thu Jul 16, 1:45pm: Sean Meighan, xLights, Movies, Pictures (30m).

Fri Jul 17, 9:45am: Chris Pinkham, FPP Virtual Matrix over HDMI (15m)

Fri Jul 17, 1:00pm: Chris Pinkham, FPP w/ BBB/Octoscroller/P10 (15m)

Fri Jul 17, 2:00pm: Sean Meighan, xLightsPapagayo (30m).

Fri Jul 17, 4:30pm: Chris Pinkham, FPP Installation (Pi & BBB) (30m)

Fri Jul 17, 3:15-4:15pm: Chris Pinkham, Falcon Player Beginning (xlights/falcon room)

Sat Jul 18, 1:00pm: Chris Pinkham, FPP Real-Time Pixel Overlay (15m)


Finally, there are other subjects that you can just come up to one of us and request a 1:1 session.

some ideas:

how to import LOR

how to make models for AC channels

how to import superstar

how to import LSP

how to have dual projectors synced using dual FPP's

how to do projection mapping using powerdirector 12/13

Bring a song, we will take you through the entire process (Setup, models, song file, effects, export to fseq, run om fpp



So if you pay $70 for a single day or you pay for the three day pass, come and visit us in our xlights/Falcon Room!


In this room will be

Dave Pitts

Chris Pinkham (Capt Murdoch)

Gil Jones

Steve Giron

Sean Meighan


xlights/Falcon team

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