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I have searched the forum for the answer to this and cannot find it.

Old Sarge

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I am getting the message.. Warning: Visualizer Draw Points size of 200 exceeded for fixture[star Background], remaining Draw Points not loaded.



what does that mean and what do I need to do/ I run regular mini lights ... I get this message just when trying to run the HC big flag file.


I have ran other files with a lot of props and as many as 8 channels with no problem...


The flag is suppose to be just using 15 channels. I do not know what I need to do to be able to run a couple light sticks, archs, and star bursts with the flag in it at the same time...


If i need to change the bulb count on the HC tree .lpf file How do I do that..


Thank You 





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That doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the channels. It just means there are too many draw points in that fixture to show to you in the visualization window in superstar.

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What cgreenfield posted is correct. Superstar will draw up to 200 points in a fixture. If the fixture has more than 200 draw points, then the ones beyond 200 don't get drawn. But you will still be able to see the first 200 points and should be able to recognize the fixture. You don't need to change anything, everything will still function just fine.

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cool thanks... now I guess I need to figure out how to take out some of the draw points.. so it all shows up ok.

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