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xlights 4.1.0 released.


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xLights release 4.1.0


Issue Tracker is found here: https://github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues


I had a plan last february to bump the version of xlights to 4.1.0 when we added the ability to create random effects

Well, thanks to Gil we are there.


This release has some major changes in it


1) Right click copy/paste

2) Drag a block of cells, right click create random effects

3) The fit to time button is gone. Now fit to time is always on

4) The speed slider has been moved to each effects panel. This is in line with fit to time being moved and turned on. Before we had 5 effects out of 34 that payed

attention to fir to time. now over 20. we will finish all of them in the next month. Speed slider now shows how many iterations of the effect gets done in the time window the

effect is pasted to.

5) New "chase" option , click a group of cells, put a "u", upward ramp and then alt click the bottom corner. You can now drag the effects to the right in a staggered way.

This will create chases.

6) ability to move effects using the arrow keys

7) Dan has found a number of sources of crashes and squashed them,



Watch these two videos from Gil to see some of the content in this release




4.1.0  Jun 1, 2015

    -- bug(dkulp) Fix several crashes due to rendering just part of an effect

    -- bug(dkulp) Fix several crashes related to multi-threaded rendering

    -- enh(dkulp) Spirograph given a few new options for length, animation speed, etc..

    -- enh(dkulp) Update text to allow a different speed for each line

    -- enh(dkulp) Remove the "Speed" and "Fit To Time" options.  Add speed/cycle settings to effects that would use it.

    -- enh(gil) Add random effects generation to grid right-click menu.

    -- enh(gil) Add ability to move highlighted cell with arrow keys and to expand/contract it with shift modifier.

    -- enh(gil) Add grid right-click copy/paste/delete options.

    -- enh(gil) Add ability to drag effects in a chase fashion using the Alt key.

    -- enh(gil) Add ability to select range of cells and paste effect with key bindings.

    -- enh(gil) Add ability to link show and media directories.

    -- bug(gil) Fix conductor file import to support LSP conversions. Fixes #232.


As a reminder: we are still in Beta.

Beta means we have bugs, we also will be fixing bugs and creating new ones.

We have crashes.

We are testing now to improve stability. Expect a production release in 4-6 weeks.



Dan. Gil, Sean 


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