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Singing Face Sequences to Share?


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I just spent a great deal of my life creating the signing face sequence for Pentatonix "Mary Did You Know," but I have a few more that I want to include in my show this year. Would any LOR users have singing face sequences they would share for any of the following:


1. "Hot Chocolate" from the Polar Express

2. "Silent Night" by Boys II Men

3. "Wizards in Winter" by TSO

4. "Christmas Eve in Sarajevo" by TSO

5. "Carol of the Bells" by Aftershock


For Halloween

1. Nightmare on My Street

2. Thriller

3. Ghostbusters


My Christmas Singing faces is four singing bulbs with 4 mouth movements instead of 5. I have not made my Halloween singing faces, but it will likely have the standard 5 mouth movements. Thanks for any help you guys can offer. Feel free to post or send me a PM. I will share what I have for "Mary Did You Know" also

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5 channels for the mouth is kind of the industry standard either for purchased or shared sequences.

So you would have to drop one mouth movement from what you get and hope the look and feel of the mouth movement is still decent or fluid.


Ghostbusters is available here if you want to do some testing with a 5 mouth sequences.



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