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Ok so i have been reading through the message boards for some time now, i am trying to figure out how to control my ge color effects from my light o rama software. I will be honest, i am so lost regarding the DMX stuff i have put off trying to control these for almost 2 years. I know i need to purchase the advanced license of LOR in order to use E1.31? that is as far as i have gotten. What do i need hardware wise, that will connect between my computer, and the ge color effects? I have seen the sandevices, but some of those say, on their website, that they are no longer needed because LOR now supports the E1.31. Can someone please lay this out for me? Or point me in the right direction?

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AS far as I know right now the link above is will make the GECE's work. I used several last year for my GECE's and will again this year.

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