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Recently there has been a lot of video posting of holidaysequences.com videos on the forums of the sequences that are being completed. Please do not post any videos of our sequences as I am taking heat from the admin. in these forums. if videos are going to be posted I will post them in the vendor market place as instructed by the admins. and the rules. I would like just to follow the rules. I would appreciate everyone's cooperation as far as posting any videos from holidaysequences.com. Once again I do appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Thank You

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Thanks Robert for the heads up. Just a little more fun gone that I enjoyed reading on here. Keep up the great work and I will not lose a bet this year..

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Sorry Jeff, but the other alternative is spam, which we will not tolerate.  


We will not comment on specifics of this particular issue or person since the issue has been resolved for now.

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Understand Mike..  I can form a bigger forum and it had open chat which I monitored up to 500 per room. World wide sports fishing and hunting room stayed packed all the time. The best time was trivia night and TalkCity would allow us use to a bigger room which required me to run a bot to keep up with all the questions and answers. I did run auto boots to keep the room clean. Have a great day and thanks again for all everyone does to make LOR a great product.

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Dang. Found one I liked and posted it and bang it was removed. Guess it was in the wrong room again Mike. Why do we have to wait for them to post it before we comment? Please don't say its the rules. Its all done in LOR and SS and many new users get to see it and counting older users like me. Haha




PS,, I did not get any warning points so I was not to bad. LOL

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