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Audio being cut at start of play - randomly


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I've been trying to resolve a problem with this years show player. I have short (3 - 5 second) voice sequences (all set to musical) between songs, and this year they randomly (about 25% of the time) get a few tenths of a second chopped off the front of the file. It will also happen to the song files. I have all my audio files trimmed to start audio at exactly 0.2 seconds from the start of the file, and 0.5 seconds of silence at the end of each file. Problem is that there is no pattern to the chopping. Each time through the show it happens at different places. This did not happen to me last year.

Now for the tech specs - have Win XP SP2 with all updtes installed. Also had WMP 9 and updated to 11 with no changes in the problem. Using same computer / hardware setup as last year. Also ran same show on another machine and have the same problem. I am using 100% .wav files for best quality. I did update to 1.6.15 from 1.6.9 with no change.

Has anyone else had this come up on your show? Any thoughts I might have missed? I am thinking I am going back to installing 1.5 like last year and see if that fixes the chopping issue.



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