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Going to Light up Ohio SALE!

Darryl Lambert

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I'm planning on attending Light up Ohio & I have a ton of stuff I figure I no longer need.

I am in Canada so I don't want to be shipping them. You wouldn't save anything after all the extra costs incured for shipping across the boarder.

I will bring them to Light up Ohio on May 16th if you want them. I won't be bringing them unless I get some interest.


All items are new unless otherwise stated & all minilights are incandescent with green wire.


These are from Walmart


7 sets Holiday Time 300 count icicle lights Clear color 18' length  - $1/set


10 sets Holiday Time 100 count minilights Clear color 23' 6" length - $ 0.50/set


10 sets Holiday Time 100 count minilights Red color 23' 6" length - $ 0.50/set


7 sets Phillips brand Stay lit 100 count minilights Red color - $2/set


These are from Action lighting. All are commercial grade


56 Sets Clear color 100 count minilights - $3/set


32 Sets Red color 100 count minilights - $3/set


70 Sets Green color 100 count minilights - $3/set


From Ray Wu


5 rolls  RGB dumb strip, 30 5050 LEDs per meter, 12V, IP67, Silicone tube 5m length - $10/roll  SOLD!


From Light-o-Rama


1 CCB purchased 2 years ago only opened box to verify contents never even plugged in - $ 150 


1 CCR with controller, used it has 1 bad pixel ( red color ) last time I checked. Hasn't been used the last 2 seasons. Make Me An Offer 


2 CTB16PC Ver 2 controllers  used. All channels work will verify before I bring them - $ 140 each


I will be leaving for the light up Ohio mini on Friday May 15th around 10am so post or PM before that.

You save on shipping & I save some space. :)



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Why cant I find you type of deal in the Los Angeles California area... LOL



I will take that..... and that.... and 20 of those.... and 20 of those..... 10 of those....40 of those..... 


if I get Theses can I get a discount....lol... 

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