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White rope light won’t work in SS if Pixels are used.


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I updated to S3 ver 3.12.2 with Superstar and want to use Pixels for a 12 string tree.  When I loaded the new Visualizer file to SS (horizontal) it created the grids with the pixels strings at the bottom of the grid. Then when I tried to play one of the SS sequences from last year, it started to control pixels on the pixel tree instead of the original props it was suppose to control.  I assumed that SS controls channels by position on the grid so I used the SS DMX Keywords in the comment field of the Visualizer prop screen to position all my original props at the bottom of the grid and the pixel strings at the top.  Now none of my one color white props will function.  When I play back, they won't show up on the SS stage nor will the prop channels export to the Sequence Editor.


As a note, I downloaded S4 to a separate computer and this problem still occurs.


I was able to narrow the problem down some.  This will only occur if I use a DMX keyword.  If I delete the Keywords, then white will work again.  Anybody else have this problem?

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I've been trying to solve this problem for several weeks now.  It seems that Superstar is unable to handle DMX pixels unless they are Cosmic Color devices.  Even S4 will disable white single color strands when I add a DMX (non cosmic color) pixel string.  It seems the only way I can get this program to work is to have a visualization for my Mega Tree, which uses 12 strands of DMX pixels, and a separate visualization for my dumb DMX strips and standard 1 color light strings.  This is unnecessarily cumbersome to have to export two separate SS sequences and then cut and paste to get one sequence.  Forget about trying to use the pixel editor that adds a third complication. 


Can anyone help me understand why my single color white string will not work in SS when DMX pixels are used?

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I use superstar and have everything from normal AC lights, dmx floods, dmx pixels and LOR CCRs. All on one screen.

I do not use dmx keywords. I do import from my visualization file.

When you create your visualization and import into superstar, superstar makes the grid based on element placement. If you make a change, the grid will change. So going from year to year gets a little difficult if you add elements. The programming is there, but on the original grid. Which may or may not line up. Use your original visualization file.

As far as not getting an element to work, I don't know what you mean. If I add a white element, it does not work on any color other than white. So if I try to use it with a red color it will not work....it requires white. An RGB element will work with any color.

But, the element should be in the grid and on the screen waiting for you to program it. If it is there, try to program it with a white color.

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Sorry, I missed replying to this. Please email you visualization file to brian@superstarlights.com and I will take a look at it.


The visualization file will be at:

c:/ (your lightorama folder) / Visualizations / Editor

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