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xLights release 4.0.25


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Release 4.0.25

Another release with content from Gil Jones.




4.0.25  Apr 28, 2015

    -- enh (gil) New Efffect: Shockwave

    -- enh (gil) Allow a single effect to be selected and moved with both endpoints.

    -- enh (gil) Switch spacebar back to work like Audacity which is Stop instead of pausing.  Only deviation is I do unpause

                 instead of stop if spacebar is hit while model play is paused.  Also fixed timeline click not receiving

                 focus to allow spacebar to work.

    -- enh (gil) Allow selection in empty area when no timing is active.  Provides a paste target without timing marks.

    -- bug (gil) Store media directory and fseq directory in global config instead of networks file. Fixes #173.

4.0.24  Apr 23, 2015

    -- enh (gil) Clicking on effect while model play is paused will restart effect play.  I believe this will remove some confusion

                 for one case where you click on an effect and it doesn't appear to do anything.

    -- enh (gil) Spacebar always turns on/off model play.  Use pause button to pause effect play.

    -- enh (gil) Always trigger selected effect even if already selected since it may have been paused.

    -- bug (gil) Unpausing from spacebar should restart from pause point.

    -- bug (gil) Fan effect not working correctly when radius2 > radius1


Dan Kulp is still on vacation on the Disney Cruise ship. When he gets back he will be checking in some new code. He posted this on the xlights forum: "Just a quick teaser screen shot of something I worked on while on my cruise.   I hope to have it "ready" to put in a release later this week and have a quick "intro" video to go with it.   "

Not sure when he was coding on the ship.


Dan and Gil are the engine moving xlights 4.0 forward. Thanks guys!


Here is a quick picture of Dan's new changes coming in the next week.


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