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Information to report:

Report Number: JLM 02
Module: Visualizer
Software Version: 4.0.14

OS Version: Windows 7 Home Pro
Selecting Visualizer on top and selecting simulation mode when data is being sent results in the visualizer ALWAYS on top when the Control Panel is running.  Minimizing the visualizer only result in it bouncing back to the front, preventing any editing and even preventing you from selecting the Play icon in the sequence editor.

Repeatability: Select the radio button for the visualizer on top when data is being sent.   Select Simulation mode.  (open sequencer and visualizer through the control panel)

After the visualzer switches to the simualation mode, task swap to the sequencer (visualizer will pop back to the front covering up the sequencer and preventing you from selecting the play icon or anything else.  Only way out is to stop the visualizer simulation mode. Only way to make it work is strart the play mode in the sequencer and task swap to the visulaizer then select the simualtion mode while the sequence is playing.

Hardware Used: This is ALL without any lights or controllers connected.


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It's working like it's programmed but that probably isn't what you (or anyone else wants).  Problem is, i'm not sure how we can get around it.


Here is what is happening:


The listener periodically re-sends DMX/LOR Enhanced commands as keep alive packets.  These packets are the current last known state of every channel on a universe, and are required for the DMX/LOR Enhanced protocols.  The Visualizer gets these keep-alive packets as well -- and there is the issue.  Those keep alive packets trigger data reception which forces the visualizer to the top.  Since those keep alive packets are identical in every way to a normal DMX packet there is no way to know the difference.


S3 versions of the Visualizer relied on non-standard DMX communication.  The listener on the other hand plays by the rules.


I'm not sure what we can do to get around that.  Let me bounce the request off of the rest of the team and see if we can come up with something.

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Just to give you a heads up....


We think we have a way to make this work again in the future.  However I have at least 2 projects ahead of this one (and possibly new stuff), so it could be a little while.

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