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Making 4 channels out of one

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I do not have an LOR controller yet or I would answer this question myself (Dan that’s a hint, but I also know if you had one to sell me you would). :)

Can I connect a multifunction controller with a string of chaser lights, shooting stars or a dog wagging its tail before making yellow snow directly to the output of a LOR? I am not talking about quick flashing but lets say we leave the channel on for a minute.

From the picture at LightORama.com of the CTB-16D controller and from what I know of electronics, I assume the outputs are Triacs and driven by opticouplers, which are used for isolation. I would think that as long as I am maintaining enough current to keep the Triac biased that it would continue to conduct even with the fluctuations in current.

And yes, I know what happens when one assumes.



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