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channel placement after export


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Please shed some light for me.......


So far all my new props I have added have exported from SS to SE correctly; all at the bottom so my original config still lays over the file nicely.


I have added a cmb24 for some floods but upon export, the cmb24 channels always end up at the top of the exported file.



Is there a way to have these channels export to the bottom? Or is that just the way it is?





Ver 3.12.2

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I'm not an expert, but I think you should add the cmb24 floods into SE and into your visualizer first.

Then import the new viz file to SS. I like to have 2 viz files and import them as pairs.

One file has props separated further apart than in my actual playback viewing file.

SS really likes it that way better.

Also, make sure all the channel names match in viz and SE.

If they don't match, I think the default is !$@#$@#$%!@$% (go find 'em..).

Good luck

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Thanks Daniel

I think I understand your suggestion, whether I do or not, I will have something new to try when I get home.

So far everything new i add just goes to the bottom automatically when i export. Then I just update my auto config.

Thanks for the reply

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