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Getting started, drawing a dumb rgb string.


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I must be missing something here. How do I draw a dumb RGB strip? Drawing pixel props was easy but I'm struggling to get my dumb RGB strip the length I need. It probably is something easy but I don't see it.

I did manage to find a work around. If you create a matrix (horizontal worked for me)Call it ruler. now this can easily be adjusted to the size you require. Now select both the rgb and the ruler by holding the shift key>Format>Make same size.

Edited removed bug report to Open Beta Bug Reports and found work around.

Edited by bbayjohn
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There is a bug when moving an end point and the predefined shape is set to "Line-Horizontal", "Line-Vertical", or "Firestick", and the string type is "Dumb RGB" or "Traditional". This will be fixed in the next beta.



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