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RELEASE 4.0.18, Nice improvements to the PREVIEW window.


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RELEASE 4.0.18, Nice improvements to the PREVIEW window.


This release makes some major changes to the preview window.

Dan and Gil got discussing the whole issue of having to calibrate the PREVIEW, with this release that issue is now gone.

I have removed the vimeo link for how to calibrate your PREVIEW as it is no longer needed. Video still on vimeo, just the link

has been removed from teh releases page.

Further, your background images will autoscale and fit to the display window.

Additional bonus, you can now change the size of the display window and you do not need to redo the layout of your models.

They will adjust to whatever window you specify.


Second, artifacts are now fixed. Press the render all button and the artifacts are removed. Thanks Gil!


Third, Dan has added a box to the model editor that allows you to turn on various drawing features, like transparency. This really makes floods

draw nice.


Because there is so much content, i made a short video describing the changes. I also cover some helpful hints in drawing your PREVIEW.







4.0.18  Apr 10, 2015

    -- enh (gil) Provide 2 render modes. Erase mode clears canvas then renders. Canvas mode renders over old data. #141

    -- bug (gil) Display sequence duration cutoff on Timeline and honor it during playback. Fixes #193.

    -- bug (gil) Fix adding timing sections to open sequence. Fixes #195.

    -- bug (dkulp) WholeHouseModel now records the node type and uses that info at rendering.  #177

    -- bug/enh (dkulp) Bunches of fixes in dialogues and rendering for Retina and HiDPI displays

    -- change (dkulp) Background image is proportionally scaled to best fill the area

    -- bug (dkulp/gil) fix problems on the Preview related to mouse positioning #124

    -- bug (dkulp) Use floats for the model sizing to provide better control as well as problems converting to/from ints causing truncation and such.

    -- enh (dkulp) add updates to Model dialog to allow controlling pixel rendering.

                  Includes transparency of pixels, size of pixels, and "type" of rendering (point, smooth point, circle, blended circle)

-- bug () Incoming file conversion not correct #80

4.0.17  Apr 8, 2015

    -- enh (dkulp) Add changes to support older graphics cards. This code fixes white boxes seen in the sequencer grid.

    -- bug (Gil) Delete model and effects from Sequencer when model is deleted from Preview page. #178

    -- bug (Gil) Fix Vixen import issue.

    -- bug (dkulp) You can't use a comma in text effect. :-) #188

    -- bug () Drag and drop crash #161

    -- bug () 4.0.14 Hot keys for O, D, U inconsistent #171

4.0.16  Apr 7, 2015

-- enh (sean) Added new icons (16,24,32,48 bit sizes) for pictures, text, spirograph, twinkle,wave,tree,snowflakes,snowstorm

    -- enh (Gil) Add SuperStar import function (Morphs only).

-- enh (dkulp) ctl-1 thru ctl-4 and alt-1 thru alt-4 now select the icon sizes for sequencer area and tools area respectively

-- enh (dkulp) Bunches of size/position adjustments to try and get things to display better on HiDPI screens

-- bug (dkulp) Fix potential crash when change to Preview tab.

-- bug (gil) Models window Alphabetizing? #167

-- bug (dkulp) 4.0.14 Fade Up, Fade down have improper timing #172

-- enh (gil) Application allows multiple simultaneous instances to be launched #74. We will continue to allow multiple instances to be launched.

-- enh (dkulp) Enhancement request: Effect icon sizes #162

4.0.15  Apr 6, 2015

    -- enh (dkulp) Add more key bindings.  Save/Load them to xlights_keybindings.xml.

    -- enh (dkulp) Add support for different icon sizes

    -- enh (sean) create dozens of new icons in 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48 to support dan's new icon size  chooser

    -- enh (dkulp) Add ability to reset the toolbar locations back to default

4.0.14  Apr 4, 2015

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