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Building the frame for a RGB mega tree


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I am building an 12', 12 channel RGB pixels mega tree this year and was wondering what people are using for the framework on their trees. It is going to be 180 degree tree, not a 360. It gets pretty windy in my area so it needs to withstand the wind. Any suggestions? Pictures? Tips?


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Portable Hole II


Color Motions Tree


With a little creative ingenuity, you can make this to your specs. The tree on the right in the picture below is created in this fashion, with the exception of, I used flat (square) pixels and zip ties instead of tape and bullet pixels.

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you may to keep an eye open at this site: http://boscoyostudio.com/products/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2&zenid=k0bhrfj8sh56qlu310ntr2hmb5 .

He plans on some mega tree parts that are lightweight and simple to build for a 12' tree that will work well with his mounting strips.


Also, Christmaslightshow.com has some megatree parts that are great.

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