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Things to add to the Pixel Editor


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When I am using Pixel Editor I would like to see a drop down window in prop definition for window frames. I am having a problem the direction my lights are laid out with your program because they are going the opposite way. If there was a drop down window making the lights go either clockwise or counter-clockwise it would eliminate me from redoing all my sequences.


In the Sequence Preview window it would be nice if there was a way of controlling the brightness of the lights....for us older folks.

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In the next release of the beta (probably 10 Apr), the Start Location for Window Frame props will have a new set of choices. These will allow you to choose between a clockwise (CW) layout direction and a counter-clockwise (CCW) layout direction.  ALL beta testers will need to update their Window Frame props to select from one of the new choices.


Regarding your question about controlling the brightness of the lights... have you tried adjusting the bulb size on your props in the Preview Design window? This can greatly increase the visibility of the pixels. In the Effect Generator, there is another slider that controls bulb size (to the right of the Restart button) - and has a similar purpose as the once in the Preview Design window. Two separate bulb size settings: one controls size in the Preview Window and one controls size in the Effect Generator.



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Thanks' Matt


I have increase the pixels size and now it is easier to see the display in the PE preview window. With the new update for the window frame props to choose between clockwise and counter-clockwise work great, I have found some errors in my sequences that I could not see on s3 before. Keep up the good work.



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