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Setting Comm port

mark obermiller

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I am using an ancient pc computer using win 98. This computer has a serial mouse on comm 1. I have added a serial card with 2 additional comm ports set on 2 and 3.

Whenever I boot the computer, the LOR statis monitor is set to turn on at boot up. It gives me an error message that comm 1 is open and in use, if the hardware editor is open, please close...or something like that. The hardware utility is not open.

Whenever I open the hardware utility, I get a similar message. I assume since I am using a serial mouse and have no other option but to use the serial mouse, LOR is seeing this as a conflict.

I open the hardware utility and then set the comm port using auto config to comm 2. I answer yes when asked if this is the port that LOR is to run on. I even have manually set it to comm 2. All seems ok as long as I have the hardware utility turned on. LOR just does not remember the assigned comm port.

Whenever I try to reboot, I get the same error messages.

I am using an older version of LOR, ver 1.5.0 and the hardware utility is ver. 1.5.6. I know I should upgrade but I have another problem getting my ancient cd drive to read data only CD's.

What should I do?



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