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RGB modules / CMB24 series vs parallel wiring

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I'm new here and new to the hobby (although I did use a gemmy "controller" with about 5000 LED lights last year).  I have been playing with the software but the only hardware but all I own so far is the CMB24 which I got from the synchronized Christmas spring sale.  I'm anxiously awaiting the LOR spring sale so I can get a few AC controllers!   I have ordered some dumb RGB lights and rectangular modules from holidaycoro, waiting for those to come.  I also have a 12 v, 400w (33 amp) power supply on order.  


 For my first project / experiment I plan to use the RGB modules for landscape lighting - I plan to mount these modules in existing landscape light housing (currently solar and not very good, or colorful!).  I have purchased 18 gauge 7 conductor direct burial sprinkler wire.  I plan to use one conductor each for RGB and 3 conductors for the common positive.  The total length will be about 50 feet.  With all that said, my actual question is can these be wired in parallel or do they have to be wired in series?  My plan is to use 4 conductor waterproof connectors spliced into the main wire so the at the lights could be easily removed for repairs.   It seems that wiring in series would be more difficult as I would have to have a wire in and out of each fixture.   Now I vaguely remember from my limited number of college physics classes that wiring in parallel actually decreases resistance, which is a good thing for a longer run of wire (ie the light at the end should still be bright) but will the decreased resistance lead to an overload of the modules?  Am I over-thinking this?  Also, and maybe this is a question for holidaycoro, do these modules have resistors that prevent overload as long as an appropriate power supply is used?   Additional information - I plan to use about 12 modules for this and run it from a single RGB channel on the CMB24.  Since the max per channel is 4 amps and it is stated on the holidaycoro website (and I know I need to test it) that 20 modules use only 1 amp with all colors on, using one channel should be no problem.  Any suggestions or clarification would be helpful.  Thanks



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