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Accsesory Power

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If I understand your question correctly, you want to power up other items besides what your (16) channels power up.

The answer to that is "no". What I did is pictured below. Mounted weatherproof when in use receptacles on the backside of my controller stand. Ran the power to it. Plug in the controller and anything else I need too. Like another controller.

Just always keep in mind - limited to your circuit size and wire size for total amps/watts you can use at one time.


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Yes and no... (1) phone cable in and (2) phone/cat5 jacks per unit. So normal setup is (1) cat5 in and (1) out. Using in a daisy chain configuration, up to 240 controllers can be used on each LOR network. They don't care in which order, so the closest unit is connected, then output to the next closest. So you'll only have an extra (1) at the last controller in your show.


The input pup is like another controller. It has it's own I.D. and also has (1) in and (1) out, so you just continue on with your daisy chain. The ELLs are also connected in daisy chain fashion.


Don't try using splitters, "TEE"s if you will.. Most of the time they don't reflect data correctly.

So always try to plot to the next closest & then the next closest, to minimize cat5 cable needs.

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I've noticed on the board in my controller, there are two lugs marked "Aux, Neu and Hot"

Can they be used to power a small relay? Then use the relay to power what you need to start.

I've not got around to checking any voltage, if any across the lugs myself just yet.

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Sorry. This is getting confusing.

I am talking about the small voltage (9v or 12v I think) that some LOR devices put out, to power things like the light linkers and InputPUP. The RS485 booster dongle provides it, but I don't know if the controllers do.

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Yes, the CTB16PC controller will power the ELL's, no problem. I do it all the time.

I've run two devices (mini-director and ELL) off of one CTB16PC.  Haven't tried any more than that.

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