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DMX snowfall tubes


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Hello dear light-creators.


I have been working on DMX controlled snowfalltubes.


And have  4 working examples now. I used arduino Atmega328 chips to get to the point. 


I wanted triggerable, RGB DMX tubes of 1 meter long, 30 pixels in a row. I use WS2801 pixelstrip for that, back to back in a 1 meter acryllic transparant.


Designed a very simple pcb for that, with Eagle and had 5 pcbs made. I am not a very good programmer, so I used 1 arduino for the DMX input and for each tube per pcb an other, in total 3 atmega328 chips, which are low cost chips.


Each tube takes 4 dmx adresses, which are easy to program.  the channels per tube are 1 RGB and 1 enable channel for easy trigger. One PCB take thus 8 DMX channels in total, driving 2 tubes.


The first firmware is very simple, but I came to the idea to enhance the firmware, to also have the possibility to let water drops fall down and fill the tube for instance.


see also: http://www.fotodick.nl/paginas/dansendelichtjes/Dansendelichtjes10.html.


More in the future as programming continues



The Netherlands

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Dear light-creators


I added an English version of the page for international visitors.





The Netherlands

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