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LOR and DMX King - Can't get LOR S3 to control DMX lights


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Ok, so i've had this working on a different computer in the past, but my old light controller died and now my new computer wont work with my DMX King.


I can fire up the DMX King utility and control the lights, so I know the combination of the PC + DMX King + DMX Light works.


LOR S3 can see the DMX King in the Network Preferences, and I can pick that adapter.  


I've tried RAW DMX and Entec Pro.


I've tried rebooting.


I've tried powering things up in different orders.


Every time LOR fails to control any lights.


Running LOR S 3.9.0


I'm stuck.


Any troubleshooting tips out there?



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Are you trying to control the lights using a show or the SE?  Is "control lights" checked in the SE play menu?

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Did you install the ftdichip drivers? I'm not sure the DMX King would work as you said without them, because outside of that, not sure why they are not working. I have one and if i get a chance can test tomorrow.

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I have tried both with the control panel running and not running


my old controller was an older PC that died.

You'll have to run the control panel, therefore does the "listener" program appear on the screen? If its not showing up when you launch the control panel, then the lights will not work.

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For DMX to work:

You have to have the LOR control panel running.

You have to have the LOR dongle plugged in (unless you have never had one or you have it removed in your software).

Control lights in the sequence editor must be checked....and remain checked...while the sequence is playing. If it deselects then you have comm problems.

You can not have the hardware utility running.

And you can not have the scheduler active. No shows running!!!

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The DMX king is also ENTEC pro compatable.  You said you have tried that setting in the network preferences, make sure it is kept on the ENTEC Pro setting.  I ran into my DMX lines not running, I had it set to raw DMX and nothing would work until I changed it.  Also as Mark mentioned above, be sure you have the correct ftdi chip drivers installed, I have had that issue before.  I uninstalled all the drivers and reinstalled the LOR dongle drivers and then connected the DMX king.  Still working like a charm.

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I think it must have been a combination of things.  I updated drivers, re-installed LOR and now it's working.


thanks for all the tips

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I just tried mine for the first time.  I have had it for several years but never gave it a go.. I can't get it to work with LOR.  I let Windows 7 do the drivers and it runs on the test software from DMX King, but LOR won't drive it.


To get yours working did you manually install the drivers? 

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