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Money saving idea for floodlights


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Need some high powered floodlights that are white only?  Get auxilary driving lights for vehicles from Amazon.  Most of us have plenty of 12V power sources laying around not doing anything i bet. there are a wide variety of styles, brightness and prices.  They are rugged and weather proof too.  Also the fixtures are smaller and easy to conceal and wires directly to any DC controller, no hacking.


These are the ones I just got for my van except my order was a 2 pack for $25, but same light.  http://www.amazon.com/Light-Military-Offroad-Auxiliary-Driving/dp/B00LX2D94I/ref=sr_1_94?ie=UTF8&qid=1425220671&sr=8-94&keywords=auto+auxiliary+lighting


Cast aluminum shell, not plastic like the ones from Walmart.  You can get the plastic shelled ones and they'll work great for under $10 a pair, they just can't handle rocks being thrown at them.

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