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6804 DMX to CMB24D


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While I'm patiently waiting for new software to be released, I decided to begin my hardware shift to all DMX.  I've got a few 6804s and 2 CMB24Ds used for floods.  When reading through SanDevices documentation, I see that I can output one of the ports in DMX.  Can I use that port as my bridge for DMX into the CMB24?  I know how to make the RJ45 DMX cable (google is my friend).  Just wondering if anyone has done this already.


And if it is possible, do I set the 6804 port Universe (in my case I'm up to Universe 13) to match the address settings on the CMB24 - also set to Universe 13?  


Or am I asking the wrong questions again?




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Figured it out - Had to set my CMB24 to Start Channel 1 - which is the same dip switch settings as if it was Controller 1.

Also moved the jumpers to DMX control, and built my RJ45 cable to Data +/- on pins 1 and 2, and gnd on pin 8.

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