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RGB Channel, Changing Color for Selected Effects


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Have been expanding a bunch of sequences by copy/pasting in non-rgb channesl from other "shared" sequence, .

So of course,, the rgb channles I setup and pasted into, are now red.

Next challenge (30 plus sequencis to start customizing my rgb channels colors.
I think I'm good if I need to change the color on the entire channel.

But I'm struggling with an efficient way to change sections of the channel that will include multiple effects.

It doesn't appear that you can turn on "tools..foreground", pick a color and then apply it to a  range of effects in a channel? In doing this, the selected effects simple turn off.

Work around...I can expand a channels nto it's R, G and B rows and then use copy/cut/past/set intensity between these roes to change color for selected elements. So not efficient but gets the job done.

I'm I missing a better way to do this or should I be able to apply color via the foreground option?


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Just dumb RGB strips, modules and floods.

Played around some more with this and stubled on something.

I changed the color from red to white on a channel and was then able to aply a picked color over a range of effects.  Didn't check to see if levels in 2 or the 3 colors (r, g or B) also would work.

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