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Setup to control e682 from DMX controller


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you are going to need to be a little more specific than that ! 


Does your DMX console support native E1.31 ? or is it plain old E1.11 ?


In general, you need to look at your DMX fixtures/Devices to see what address they are set at.

For a E682, you need to know the IP address of the controller, and which universes it it listening for.


If you know that, then you can set your DMX console up to talk to them.



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Most will not work. It would be almost pointless, as controlling pixels from a desk is really hard. I tried it with a Zero88 Jester24/48 and I managed to program some chases and colors on sixteen pixels (This was on E1.11)

There are E1.11 to ARTNET bridges (Best one by ShowTec) for stage lighting, but it costs more and would be cheaper to get an E1.11 pixel controller, as you will be limited by the 512 channels anyway.


I know of some lighting desks that can control ARTNET, and possible E1.31. These are for huge theaters and concerts and will set you back a few thousand dollars and a room to keep it in.

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I have an E1.31 network already running and can control it from software. How do I figured out the DMX addresses so I can control it from a DMX controller?


The E682 does not take a DMX (E1.11) input.  The E682 only takes a E1.31 inputs.


It would not make much sense anyway.  Sort of like buying a Lamborghini and only using it to drive to the corner market.

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But you would get to that market super fast.

Please don't take this seriously I had to make a funny. Ok back on topic.

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