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Pixel Spinner - Cosmic Color Pixels

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Joey, sure I can share what I have. First thing you should know is that I cut and spliced my CCP's. If you do this IT WILL VOID THE WARRANTY FROM LOR. If you are able to solder and make sure you line up the splices properly, then waterproof them, it shouldn't be a big deal. It it all goes bad, be aware of LOR warranty policy. Before I cut my CCP's wires I marked each side of the cut on the same side with a sharpie to make sure I didn't rotate the wire (and splies 180 degrees)


I have had alot of PM's asking for similiar info, so I made a quick website to illustrate how I made my Pixel Spinner. On page 2 of that site are some examples of the visualizer and superstar .sup files I used while making it.


Since then, I have combined the Pixel Spinner and Mini mega tree into 1 prop file. I can still sequence for each prop individually but gained the option for better timings by having both props shown at the same time.


The website I made for the Pixel Spinner (I was almost asleep when I made the video, so if it seems like I an rambling, I was. :unsure:




Some of my Videos on Vimeo. Some deal with sequencing for the Pixel Spinner.




If you have any other questions feel free to ask, and be sure to post pics. You might also take better notes than I did to answer to others how you did it. ;)



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I wouldn't classify this as a beginner project, but it's not as hard as it seems. Do some research, and look at at what others have done. If this overwhelming, maybe use your CCP's in another way to get a understanding for them, then come back to this. If you have questions, ask the forum peeps are very helpful. I had the most difficulty in setting up a visualizer file.



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