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5.30 firmware released for uMP3 and G3MP3 directors


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The 5.28 firmware for the G3-MP3 and uMP3 directors had 2 bugs and has been removed.  Users of G3 directors should update to 5.30.


For both the G3-MP3 and the uMP3: The director could occasionally skip sequences or otherwise refuse to send lighting commands/audio properly. 

For the G3-MP3 only:  The director would ignore any schedule set and instead run the show as soon as the card was inserted.  

To determine if you have a Generation 3 director, check the markings on the front of the director.  Both directors are clearly marked if they are G3 or not.  The Dual Network G3-MP3 Director is clearly marked on the upper left, and the uMP3 director is marked just above the SD card slot.  NON-G3 directors do not need this firmware update.

If you do have a G3 device, you should update the firmware on it to version 5.30 (or higher in the future).  Firmware for all of our devices can be found on our firmware download page:  http://www1.lightorama.com/firmware-updates/


All uMP3 units sold up to today had the 5.28 firmware on them and require this update.   You should update these devices as soon as possible.


For the G3-MP3 Dual Network Director (includes the LOR1602Wg3-MP3) you should use:
G3-MP3 5.30 Firmware (file name -> MP3g3-V5_30.lhx)

For the uMP3 Mini Director you should use:
uMP3g3 5.30 Firmware (file name -> uMP3g3-V5_30.lhx)

Again, please note that the older Showtime Directors (including the DC-MP3, and the mDM-MP3 Mini Director) do not suffer from the same issues and use different hardware.  There is no need to update them.  

To update the firmware, please consult the help documentation:

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