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C7 Retrofit Bulbs for Sale Red Green and Warm White


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I have approx. 500 of each...They have approx. 40 hours on them...and that would be stretching it...

The prices are listed below...BUT I am going to offer a bulk buy discount...you heard that right.,..BULK BUY discount SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS

I purchased from Paul at CDI

Preseason Sales Prices In Season Prices

Warm white 1.00 1.25
Red .75 .95
Green .90 1.15

My Sale price
Warm White .70
Red .50
Green .62


If you buy ALL  the lights (1500 bulbs)....there will be a 30% discount...that averages out to a little over 42 cents a bulb... If you buy 400 of each, I will take 25% off, and 300 of each 20% off...anything less than that, it will be the stated price above. 


PM me if interested! 


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