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Standalone problem


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I have a problem with standalone board. I built a kit CTB16DV6 Blue. It's working fine with lan cable connected on pc

So, i download the las file with standalone tab on hadware utility and:

- if i test with hardware utility on "sequence on" button the lights and sequence working fine (so i think that the board was build fine!?)

- then, now i turn off the software and the AC plug on board, Then i turn on the board

without cat5 lan wire and the sequence does not start :(:huh:  (i tried also change the trigger but without success)

- Sometimes if lan cable is unplugged the output lights blink


Other problem is that:

- if i want re-connet the board with software i need insert the jp0 on input led the put the switch to 0,

so i can connect and then remove the j0 and put switch to 0-1 or 1-1

sorry if I'm disturbing :rolleyes:




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