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Finally! Some video! Christmas 2014 happyholidayhome

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The other night I finally finished filming the show. I am very, very slow this year and figured I should get something up!

We have sleeping beauty's castle and Maleficent!

Hope you enjoy.

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I have a man crush on you baronn   :wub:    I look forward to see your backdrops every year!   Always so wonderfully quirky.   Fantastic.

I don't like saying anything this far in advance (cause anything can change) but.... This year, I am pretty sure we have settled on Alice in Wonderland (I have a Jabberwocky, just need to make her mobile) and where Maleficent is now, I am hoping for an animatronic Caterpillar.



Are you kidding me, a smoking dragon!! You always come up with something astonishing. What did your neighbors think?   I know you like to set up in the wee hours of the morning.

I still miss the train :)

John (oldandslow)

Funny story... The neighbors accross the street LOVE me!! They invite friends over just for halloween and pull out couches in the front yard.

The neighbors to my right, I am pretty sure they hate it/tolerate it....

And!!! The neighbors to my left used to be so awesome!! So quiet, nice to talk to. And why? Cause on December 17th the cops raided them for growing the mary jane!!! One person found dead do to a single gun shot wound to the head. No wonder they never made any waves! I could have had strippers and they would have smiled and waved!

Thank you both.


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Wow. That's all I have to say. When you build an animatronic to add to your light show, you know you've stepped from beyond lights and flashes into the realm of wizardry. Many have attempted (I'm sure) what you do, and you have ultimately shown us how amazing a little hard work is. Keep it up! I love the themes and the song. (In reference to the original post) Thanks for sharing!

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Your dragon and castle are second to none

They might be second to some one.....I don't know who that could be, maybe the dude with lightsabers on his house? :D

Darth Vader does follow me on twitter now though, LOL!

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As always, great work.  I still get a lot of mileage out of a Skrillex Mashup you did years ago.

I still love the Skrillex Mashup, it's nice when you sequence a song and you have a vision and it just flows smoothly (the longer I do this hobby, the more and more I HATE sequencing)

The norms don't understand that they hear the song once or twice, it sounds great. When we sequence, we listen to it maybe thousands of times, and if you don't LOVE the song, it is a very long process.

So this year, I did my new flavor of the year Lindsey Stirling. She reminds me a lot of Vanessa Mae that was the "big thing" in the Violin world like 20 years ago, but she was straight classical. Stirling uses a lot of classical infused with dubstep. I used a Lindsey Stirling song last year in the New Year Sequence, but just one song (Crystallize, if you haven't heard it, buy it now!). This year, I enjoyed her new album Shatter Me so much I picked 4 songs from the album and put them together. (three of my favorites, and one of my wife's)

Hope you enjoy!

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