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G3-MP# to drive one ore more raspberry pi


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Hello All,


As I am a fan of the Lor G3-MP3, I want to keep using it for my display, mainly because the ease of use of the triggers and reliable stand alone capability.


Even when using a couple of thousand pixel channels I am planning this year I want to use it


I am aware that the G3-MP3 is no that capable of driving that much pixels.


What about the idea of using one ore more pi as a slave of the G3-MP3?  Creating effects on the pi that are triggered by a channel, a little like madrix is able to behave.


For instance a dmx level is been red by the pi and the pi runs an effect according to the dmx level, as long as the level remains. To keep it simple for an example


dmx level 1 to 10    effect 1  ( a range and not a single level for the ease of programming  I think, correct me if I am wrong )


dmx level 11 to 20  effect 2




dmx level 240 to 250  effect  25




Better ideas are welcome of course, but pi is cheap, easy to handle for me as a   non   programmer with help of some experienced family.


Any input is welcome


Dick de Wit

The Netherlands


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If it works, it could have a few other uses as well.


Timing may be difficult - if they before slightly out then the show will be ruined.

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