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I Dont have a complete understanding and need clarity


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2014 I used 9 LOR controllers and led lights and SE2.94 to sequence all my lights. In addition I added a 12 leg Pixel tree ...everything worked great. I used LOR to sequence the LED lights which I have been doing for the last 5 years and Xlights/Nutcracker to use its effects for my tree...


Now I want to convert everything to RGB pixels ...soooooooo after all the hardware issues are worked out can I use what I already have sequenced in SE and just convert to RGB? OR do I have to redo everything ?





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Anything you currently have sequence as 1 single AC current or what you call LED string channel will need to be converted to an RGB setup.

RGB uses three channels per fixture red,green,blue

Dumb RGB strip - you would need a red,green, blue channel that would operate the entire strip

Smart RGB - each individual pixel will need 3 channels. If you have 50 smart RGB nodes you would need 150 channels

There are some good tutorials on youtube

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Ok thank you..I have the Smart Pixels so I can assume that once I convert I can keep the completed sequence within the SE...I'll do  a search on you tube as well.....

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