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Motif decorations available in San Diego


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After tearing down the display and getting the garage cleaned out while putting items away, I have assembled a collection of motifs and snowflakes that I would like to find a new home for...I live in San Diego and am looking for someone to pick up the items, or I might be able to meet you halfway if you live a modest distance away.  No shipping.


Many of the motifs are from Action lighting, and use incandescent rope light.  These are very high quality motifs.  Most are new in the box that I had on hand for spares.  I have switched over to LEDs in the display for the most part, so these won't be used in our display and it is time to clear them out. There are candy canes, wreaths, snowflakes, 3D trees, etc.


I also have some Target / Philips LED snowflakes as well that were spares, and I have replaced those elements in the display.  So these may be of interest since Target doesn't sell them any longer.  Some are blue and some are cool white.


I also have some boxes of Target incandescent rope light from a few years ago that are taking up space in the garage...


I'm willing to give these items away to a fellow Christmas enthusiast.  If you'd like to be the first to make a donation to our Autism charity fundraising for next year, I'd welcome that.  Your choice on the amount...The total value of all these items at retail prices is probably $1,000 or so...


Anyways, I live in San Diego and would like to find someone to give the items to on Saturday 1/17...If no one is interested, I'll probably just donate them to clear them out....


You can contact me here via PM and we can make arrangements.....


You can see some photos that I've uploaded to our website (because of limitations here)...







Thanks, Randy

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