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JST Connector for RGB Lights

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Has anyone used these 4 wire JST connectors for their RGB lights?




Pros? Cons? 


I have a hard time believing they are actually waterproof.

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These connectors are not waterproof and if out in the weather you will experience problems. I have these on my RGB lights surrounding my house and I am having problems with the wires rusting off of them and also corrosion of the contacts. I plan on replacing them all with the waterproof sealed ones. Over 100 connections to replace, I am not looking forward to that.

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I have trouble with one string of flex light that I didn't cut off the jst and put a waterproof on, plus the wires are THIN.


They are "waterproof" in the concept if they are not sitting in standing water they are comparmetalized and it would be difficult for a single drip to be able to touch two pins at once.

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Probably going to have to replace some of my wiring on my RGB strips. I use connectors like in the link PhilMassey posted above.

Wondering if anyone has used any of these connectors?


Suppose to just clamp on the strip with no soldering.

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