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My 1st Pyrotechnic Attempt

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I added two 'flame projectors' just before New Years to try out. Sequenced them into "Wizards" to test out. Was planning to make a little better video, but ice storm here pretty much ended those hopes! I've been wanting to try these for a while, and decided to pick up a couple. (against my wife's objections!)




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I was looking at these last night. My wife will not go along with this either. Would you mind posting the link to the ones you went with. Thanks.

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The ones we used were these:




More expensive than the ones I've seen, but didn't have much time to get them in. Ordered one, then after I found it worked okay, I ordered the second one.

They use 1 OR 2 can's of starter fluid. (the can's like Pyrol brand have a smaller metal ring on the top of the can, that has to fit inside the coupler and o-ring. Some have a slightly larger ring and wont fit.)

The first one only seemed to work on DMX id 1- would never respond on any other dip switch setting. However, I had a couple extra DMX controllers, so that wasn't a problem at the time.

My first run had too short of burst in places. One LOR .05 cell 'ON' would sometimes not work, so I made them at least 2 or 3 cells.

No real problems. You notice the smell of starter fluid if you're downwind. We're going to retrofit one with LPG and test this spring.

The big issue is safety. I didn't want my cat sitting on one when it fires, so I cut a damaged 10' tower section in half and mounted one on each, then anchored them down. I put the power on a seperate power strip so I could only use it when I was outside. (these units have a switch that's off in the middle, down is ON, and up is DMX. I guess they could be triggered from a LOR AC controller by leaving the switch ON.)

My plan was to wire in a latching relay. Have LOR turn the relay OFF at the beginning and end of any sequence that has them, and then have an 'ARM' button to turn the relay back ON, placed outside so that I'd have to push after the song starts to enable the pyro effect.

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The tree on the left - the huge one - how tall is that? I also really liked the way you used your lawn. With the shape of your lawn, you could almost turn them into two grand pianos. That'd be neat. Thanks for the share! And a great show!

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I've been looking at adding something glide this for a while too, but I want to run it on LPG gas.  There is a unit that is fairly small that runs on the little disposable LPG tanks you use for camping or you can adapt it to a bulk tank.


Problem is from what I've seen you have to order them from China and they run around $300, plus shipping.  I asked our fire chief about using one and if there is a burn ban I can't, and I must be home and keep people away from the display when it's going off. Sounds like common sense to me.


I think they're pretty cool, I just don't know if I want to spend the money on it, for such a short time of use.


A dream project of mine would be to have an animatronic dragon head that blows fog and fire  with the song "Godzilla" by BOC in the background!

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