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Singing animated elements ?

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I have 2 sets of singing elements. 4 singing pumpkins for Halloween and 4 singing coro trees for Christmas. I want to eliminate the change between the 2 sets and was wondering if anyone has singing elements that work in both Christmas and Halloween displays? I've seen CLD Kevin's singing faces with the added Santa hat for Christmas so that's one Idea. any one else using the same elements for both Holidays? 

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I have 4 singer faces for Halloween. When my wife asked how I was going to making them look more like Christmas, I said nothing.

But it did get me thinking about adding santa hats to some of them since I have extra channels since I didn't use face outlines.

Being in frigid MN, it was so nice to setup the dispaly in September and and just switching out sesequence between the two hollidays.  As my "base" display expands, that's an over riding goal...not having to switch out halloween and christmas elements, at least not too many of them. I don't want to switch out anything that's physically attached to the house.

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Ive been thinking about the same thing.


I haul Four 4'x4' faces up to my second story windows for Halloween, then have to swap them out for XMAS. :-(


I actually dont have a SINGLE element that stays out for both seasons....


100 small jack-o-lanterns

orange and purple icicles

giant spider web

4 singing jack-o-lanterns (Holiday coro)



20 minitrees

1 megatree

white icicles

4 singing xmas tree wireframes




Maybe something similar to the Holiday coro "light bright" style faces.

You would just populate a jac-o-lantern outline instead of a xmas tree outline for the body... maybe tweak the eye shapes as well?

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