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I have multiple sets of Lightshow Christmas lights. These are multi-color lights that change colors with the use of a small remote. I can cycle through 12 different "lightshows" with the remote. My question is, can I use light o rama to manipulate these lights individually? Or am I stuck with picking one color and just going with that? Thanks. 

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Could you post a pic or a link?


If you have dumb RGB ribbons (whole ribbon the same color) they very likely can be controlled with a LOR DC controller.


If you have individually controllable pixels that's a different story.  You might need a different brand of controller, but you can still probably sequence them in LOR S3 software.

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I use a strip that came with a remote. Not sure it was lightshow as it came from Target. It was just a dumb RGB strip. I needed it for a window so I just removed the connector and wired directly to my CMB24 and it ran without issue.

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