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running animation concurrently


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I have been running animated elves and santa this year on several tracks ( in animation on show editor)   each track has to be the same timing grid

and now want to run several different sequences with different timing and link together (i.e. 38 animations run on 2 24channels dc unit) and all other animations running at the same time  but a different time length s

 bit confusing

    animation 1 track 1   23 animations time  23seconds

     animation   2 track 2  16 animations time  14 seconds

  animation  3    track  3   24 animations  but has  6 animation running  at .10 sec  rest 1.0 sec

 animation 4  I want to start at end  of  animation 3   

 do I have to run 2 lor software together to get this result ???

I know this is a bit confusing but hard to write in down 


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In an animation you can have tracks set to different lengths (overall time.) You can even have them with different timing grids (.05, .10, free form, etc.)


You say it is a bit confusing, and you are right. I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do. However, would it be an option to put all of this into a single animation sequence, and have that run? If I'm understanding it right, this might be an option to consider.


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yes this is what I have done 6 tracks  one sequence  

 unit 1 track 1=I have plane flying though air hitting moon  moon explodes  moon goes out then there is a flash 3 rings   and a parachuting santa appears   ( 24 channels) the flash is on less time than the planes

unit 2 track 2= 6 parachuting santas  then  6 santas  run  across lawn  and then climb ladder  and on roof then down chimney that's  24 channels 

 could put them on the same lor  unit as track 1, as the flash was less time  than the planes ??? so another unit was used

then  running them concurrently

is there any way I could put them on the same unit  as I am only using about  1amp per animation??

hope that helps what I am doing. but want to make more animations of the same u


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I'm not sure I'm understanding correctly, but perhaps is the issue that you want to use different timing grids in different tracks? If so, you can use any timing grid you want in any track or tracks, and you can switch between timing grids on any track whenever you want.  There's a dropdown box near the top of the Sequence Editor labeled "Timings"; it lists all of the timing grids in the sequence, and lets you select the one currently in use for the active track.

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