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animated santa factory and delivery department

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yes  that is part 2  ( rest of our house )the other is  elves and santas  under the same  xmasnut07


glad someone knows what they are doing

all new  to me, trying to show what we have been up to


up until now I have incandescent bulbs and spent the hole xmas holidays replacing  burn bulbs  , now we are just about all led so have more time to  catch up over xmas what is happering around the world in xmas lights 

    I have been doing xmas light here in new Zealand for about 12years

 have gone from lor 240volt units adapted down to 35v ac  to dc units this year

now looking at dmx  but that all new to me , so a lot of reading in the sun ( summer here ) no snow   and we don't get dark till 9.30pm

I have been down the lights to music track for the last 8years or so but I prefer the animation and it has to tell a story  the kids round here tell me if it doesn't make cents

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