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Android App to Catalog CD Collection (including song titles)

Rick Hughes

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Hi all,


I searched around a bit and didn't see any discussion of this topic ... though I could easily have missed it.


Like many of us, I have amassed a large collection of Christmas CDs in my quest for the "perfect" songs to use with LOR. At this point I have more than 200 physical CDs. It's become somewhat unmanageable to manually search for particular song titles.


Does anyone use an app (I'm an Android guy) which will generally do this:

1. Scan (or key) the barcode

2. The app magically grabs (from somewhere) the CD title, artist, and entries for each song title [any other attributes would be welcome]

3. Preferably free.


I had started both an Excel spreadsheet and Word doc but when I crossed 2,000 entries I realized how un-tech I was approaching this.


iTunes is an option but I really am looking for a means of maintaining a totally separate inventory which doesn't interfere with my year-round non-LOR obsession.


Anyone have an app to suggest?


Or, alternatively, how do you manage your music collection?


Many thanks.   Rick

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Hi Rick,

I have an older program that I used called AV Cataloger. Doesn't read barcodes, but has an MS Outlook Style interface that keeps video, Cd, Book.s


It used to be made by NCH Software, but they not longer support it.

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Thanks ... certainly worth a few minutes to investigate and perhaps find they've done some update. I appreciate the tip.

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