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LED strings - white changing to multi color


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Saw these at my local home depot. 200 ct string with bulb style LEDs that can either be warm white or a multi-color string by pressing the button on the controller block at the plug end of the string. Has anyone used these lights by having your  LOR controller switch them between white and multi color?

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 the LED die in each bulb is "doubled up" ( tri-color LED) one direction the die is white, the other is the color all you need is 2 channels (ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE SAME CONTROLLER) (and a pair of 3 to 4 amp diodes 400piv, and 2 DPDT relays... (safety)


the diodes are wired with one lead of each joined (use the opposing lead (one with the band, one without), the joined ones go to the hot side of the lights the white side goes back to the controller....


the relays are wired with the coil of the OTHER relay on one set of switch contacts... in the NC (normally closed), and visa-versa for the other relay (still to the NC contacts on the first relay, the other set of contacts uses the channel and the lead of the diode...


What we are doing is setting a "Forward OR reverse" condition for the string of lights... BUT NOT BOTH, if BOTH channels are turned on... they will burn the diodes, the relays are to prevent this from ever happening as if one relay is on, the other can NOT turn on, as the circuit for the coil is opened by the fist relay.....


 I can draw a schematic up if you want....


UPDATE > Friend also found the same lights and asked the same thing,,,, will do a layout in the next few days....



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I had figured out the double LED, and with a AA battery, you can see one LED light up, and then reverse polarity, and the other LED lights.


Greg, you're talking about the 2 diodes making a half-wave rectifier, where one LOR channel feeds one diode to send the positive voltage to the lights, and the other LOR channel would do the reverse.


I had also been thinking of using a DPDT relay where one LOR channel is the input to the full wave rectifier. The positive and negative outputs go to the 2 common switches on the DPDT. Then, the NC on each side is connected to the NO on the opposite side, and then each NC/NO is connected to the 2 wires going to the lights. Then, the coil is connected to a 2nd LOR channel to control the relay. Only issue is if one side of the relay sticks, would create a short circuit, so maybe include some additional fuses.



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