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Hi - I currently have a CTB16d w/heatsink that I purchased many years ago.


I do not have a case so it's been mounted to plywood in my garage. I would like to either get a UL rated case for this board, OR sell this one and get one of the newer boards.


My questions are.... is there outdated technology with my current board? Meaning would there be any issues if I kept it in a network with newer boards? (I plan on adding new boards next year so I'm trying to figure out my best option with this current one)


What is the difference between the pro and residential? Is it just a metal casing vs. plastic or are there other differences that I am not seeing?


Any advice is appreciated, thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Here are the differences between the Pro and Residential controllers.


All LOR controllers can be used together. The *only* 'gotcha' is that the older controllers can not run the 500k network speeds. Unless you are going to be running a lot of Cosmic Color Devices, this isn't anything to worry about. If you are going to be running a lot of Cosmic Color Devices, then the fix is a second USB adapter, and the creation of a second network.

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Thanks Don! I was not aware of your site. I appreciate the info and looks like I have a bit of reading to do tonight :D

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I have two of those that I acquired late last year and included them in this year's show. They work just fine along with the other controllers which are the residential types. I'm not running the 500k speed and if I did do that, I would separate the networks so these commerical controllers would be on their own network.

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